The list of languages Here is my full list of many the languages...will add many others later but soon...that I know or very very trying to study during all my life by personal motives. Of course, the level of knowledge is very different because of many aspects in the process of learning & personal health. P.S. Spent so much time. Hope with an acceptible result. ;) (* % value mean from 0 to 100 points of power in knowlege).
The important notes
      The level of knowledge is personal and difficult to master or evaluate. It depends on many individual factors.

  1. English *80% of 100 --- because I don`t have the health/time enough to get some an university degree or special education in my profession in this language.
  2. Russian [Русский] *85% of 100 --- the language of non-formal education and self-education in a childhood.
  3. Ukrainian [Українська] *97% of 100 --- My native language of origin and a place of birth. The official language of education at school and university (it was fun and useful to study there).

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