Probably a description of what I like will be right starting from the film’s section. More I like only The Literature & The Poetry, The Art. Everyone who knows me well feels my passion for arts, including The Cinema. With my respect for this hard work, - the creation of high-quality cinema that contain some good & positive ideas :) and as a symbol of hobby that so often saved the soul from the daily storms and the unexpected events of fate, I decided sum up many hours of life in front of big screen. How I calculated? That is very simply. More than about 1,500 films during all my life × 120 minutes (time of records, for example) & divide on 60 & after divide on 8 (standard working business day in hours) we receive 375 business days. Oh Jesus. Really. :))) I will spend some time while creating a directory. I have selected all that interests, amaze, admire, help to relax and sometimes even gave motivation.
A short time when 2018 year migrated to 2019 & a few weeks after just became for me Everest of the level of sadness & despair. Two completely unexpected events have brought the sad changes in my life. First, the disaster in a few social relationships and connections very important to me. (I'm not a person who "rich" by social connections but prefer select brilliants from many human's souls & only in such rarely cases...I'm ready give a part of my own soul in the places of my heart where it is possible to stay. The situation with others two "complicated". One is reserved for my love in the future when/if I will find & yet one...."the dark side of the moon" is lost by the events in the past by many many many years ago when I lost so much important to me who I loved. I never share any details. My soul is sad & the pain and maybe the social almost loneliness becomes a shadow.) The second is the sharp and unexpected fall in level of health, which greatly reduces the quality and comfort of life, makes it, unfortunately, so much to change in life.
But human’s soul is always higher a physics.
No doubt the events ARE NOT connected with each other, although they certainly brought a lot of a pain. Fate is such unpredictable on moments of joy but sells together misfortunes.
A few words.I want to say....that is important me...I always with joy and happiness will remember a visit to the cinema that brought so much peace in my soul & mind from problems and a rise of courage in the soul with the hope of looking into the dark/grey/white/pink/green or any :) my own future in my life's highway. This film was "Bohemian Rhapsody" (2018 year edition). I thank You. I thank to each of You who was nearby in that beautiful time.
I will write a list of films that I have been seen during my life when I will have free time from "surviving in the society". :)

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THE LITERATURE_(more than 2500 have been read) *that is true :) & I will write later when will have a time

THE POETRY_(more than 4000 have been read) *that is wonderful :) & I will write later when will have a time & a few created by myself.


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